Sunday, 2 March 2014


“AKANKSHA”  was conceived last  October during one of our Group shows. The aim of Akanksha was to realize all those artistic dreams of the lovely and passionate emerging women artists who are not able to showcase their  works anywhere. Akanksha was  conceptualized by 3 emerging artists namely Shyamala Ramanand, Usha Rai and Kavitha Prasanna, who have undergone various struggles as self taught artists and understand the passion and energy shown by emerging artists. This is a platform for them.

For the first time in Bangalore,  Akanksha brings together  the realization of the dreams and desires of 50 passionate women artists to share  their rich, vivid and vibrant creative works of art that might be rare and untapped.

We welcome all those 50 artists today, for our first show.

So please come and celebrate with us to discover, appreciate the visual treat and take a fancy to what you may love…….