Academic Fellow, Exeter University UK

UK visiting Nehru Fellow,
UNSW International Research Fellow
Academician, Author, Analyst
Of Indian Art and Culture

Dean. Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences                                  

Jain UniversityBangalore.              

Dr. Choodamani Nandagopal, an Art Historian and Academician, is a recognized researcher of National and International repute in the disciplines of Art History, Culture and Performing and Visual arts. A prolific writer, she has contributed extensively to books, articles and guided researchers and connoisseurs of art.

Dr. Choodamanani Nandagopal is presently the Prof. and Dean for the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at Jain University, Bangalore. Understanding Cultural Studies as an upcoming multi-disciplinary area of research, she has set up an independent Department of Cultural Studies, where many young researchers are pursuing MPhil, PhD, and research projects under her able guidance and actively involved in promoting research in Indian History & Culture.

Dr.Choodamani has two Post-graduate degrees, one in Sociology and the other in history & Archaeology, PhD from University of Mysore. She is the recipient of 4 prestigious International Fellowships for her research in the field of History, Art History and Cultural Studies.


Ashwini Nachappa
Born  October 21, 1967 (age 46)
Karnataka, India
Occupation athlete
Ashwini Nachappa Kannada:  (born October 21, 1967) is an accomplished former athlete and an Indian film, actress from Karnataka, India.
Nachappa gained fame around the start of the 1980s, when she outran P.T. Usha on two separate occasions. She has since been referred to as India's FloJo, and in 1990 she received the prestigious Arjuna award.
Represented India in 3 South Asian Federation Games
1984 – Nepal (2 silver medals)
1986 – Bangladesh (2 silver medals)
1988 – Pakistan(3 Gold medals)

Represented  India  in  2  Asian Games
1986 – South Korea(6th in Long Jump
1990 – Beijing, China (Silver in 4 x 100mts relay)
Represented India in 2 World Athletics Championship
1987 – Rome (member of the 4x 400mts relay)
1991 – Tokyo (member of the 4x 400mts relay)

Represented India at the 24th Olympic games
1988 – Seoul, South Korea (member of the 4x 400mts relay)

Represented India in 4 Asian Track & Field Championship
1985 – Jakarta, Indonesia (Bronze medal – relay)
1987 – Singapore (silver medal – relay; 4th – 200mts)
1989 - New Delhi( 2 Silver medal – 200mts and relay)
1991 – Malaysia (Gold medal - 4x400mts relay)

Represented India in the International Invitational Meet
1988 – Germany (Gold medal –400mts)

Represented India in the Invitational Permit Meet
1997 – New Delhi(Gold medal- 100mts)
1999 – New Delhi ( Silver medal – 200mts)

ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS(Junior)  1981 – Bangalore(gold medal – 100mts)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS(Junior)  1982 – Calcutta(Gold medal – 100mts,200mts and Silver medal in Long Jump)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS(Junior)  1983 – Calicut(silver – hurdles and 100mts)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS(Seniors)  1987 – Mangalore (Gold – 100mts,Silver – 200mts and Gold – Relay)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONAL 1987 – Kanpur(Gold – 200mts)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS  1988 – Madras (Gold-200mts)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS  1990 – New Delhi(Gold – 200mts, Silver – 100mts)
ALL INDIA OPEN NATIONALS  1991 – Calcutta(Gold-100mts,200mts,400mtsand Relay)

1986 – THE SPORTSWRITERS AWARD(Best sportsman of the year)
1987 – THE DASARA AWARD (Karnataka State Award)
1990 - RAJYOTSAVA AWARD (KARNATAKA –Highest award of the State)
1990 - THE ARJUNA AWARD (India’s most coveted award for the best sportsperson)
1991 - SPORTSWRITERS AWARD (Best sportsperson)
1992 – THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE AWARD by the Vice-President of India

Set up the Karaumbiah’s Academy for Learning and Sports (KALS)an ICSE co-education  school at Coorg 10years ago. Now with a strength of 700 students from Montessori upto  grade 12 and a professionally run sports foundation in the campus “Ashwini’s Sports Foundation” we strongly believe that Education is not complete without the the active development of the body. Sports plays an integral part of our curriculum.



Dr.Jaya Narendra Was born and brought up in Kerala. She moved to Bangalore after her marriage.She returned to India after her Post Graduation studies in Canada and England. She has been practicing in Bangalore since 1972. She is now a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She worked as a consultant at Sankarambal Nursing Home till 2011. Currently she works as a consultant in Ranga Dore Memorial Hospital,Chamrajpet.
Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Jaya Narendra makes time for hobbies which are reading and writing. She is married to an engineer, she has  two sons and daughters in law and 6 granddaughters


Birds fly off from the tips of her fingers,
And flowers open in her hands,
Her body sways, now in pride and now in devotion,
And her eyes light up in joy or writhe in pain

She is the dancer-she creates a rainbow of colours in front of your eyes, and you become one with her in her joy and pain....

Sandhya Kiran seems to be made for dance. Blessed with a lissome frame and a graceful demeanour, dance becomes her as she moves effortlessly on stage. Initiated into the classical Indian dance form, Bharathanatyam, at the early age of nine, Sandhya began her training under the watchful eyes of Smt.S.Meenakshi. She later flowered under the guidance of renowned dance Guru of Bangalore, Smt.Padmini Ravi. It was here that she met her life and dance partner, Kiran Subramanyam, and for the last two and a half decades the pair has been dancing as an inseparable team.

Kiran and Sandhya received further guidance in the nuances of duet dancing from the world renowned dancers Sri.V.P.Dhananjayan and Smt.Shantha Dhananjayan at Chennai. From then on, life has been a continuum of performances-the most important of them being Pandit Ravishankar's GHANASHYAM performed all over India,the SAARC Meet, several dance festivals of National and International stature in India and abroad. Kiran and Sandhya have been regularly touring the USA, Europe ,Middle East and Far East on dance tours.

As the fruit of their passion Sandhya, along with her husband Kiran has established RASIKA-their institution for classical dance in Bangalore. Here they impart the knowledge of classical dance and spread the joy of this timeless art form. RASIKA has now made a mark as an institution of its kind and Kiran and Sandhya have been lauded as choreographers par excellence.


 Hindustani Classical vocalist and Sufi singer
Smita Bellur has trained in Hindustani Classical Khayal under eminent gurus such as late Shri. P. R. Bhagwat, late Pt. Arjunsa Nakod,late Pt. Rajabhau Sontakke, Pt. Bhalachandra Nakod and currently from Vid. Alka Deo Marulkar. She learns Qawwai/Sufi music from Ustad Nazeer Ahmed Warsi and  Ustad Naasir Ahmed Warsi of Hyderabad.
Smita sing in the Kirana-Jaipur gharana style and is a regular B High artiste of All India Radio, Dharwad and has given more than 300 recitals at various music festivals across the country. She is not only adept at Hindustani Khayal gayaki, but also in Sufi music, Ghazal, Thumri etc Her style is known to be a blend of aesthetics, precision and eloquence.
She teaches music online and in contact classes and has also taught at the Shankar Mahadevan academy.
She has also founded a NGO Nadanubhava Foundation® – an organization that propagates promotes Hindustani Classical and Sufi music that has successfully done more than 70 programmes. 
She is a MS (Quality management), and BE by qualification and also freelances as a music journalist and does research on music topics too.
She has won 3 award for her contribution to music, released 3 albums.
The press has praised her work as “A new breed of Sufi singer plays for soul”,  “Timeless tunes wins hearts”,“She plays music for the soul”, “Poetry from Another Dimension” etc.,
As a thinking musician who believes in contributing back to society, Smita Bellur has joined many causes with her music contribution such as fundraiser for Rotary’s End-Polio Cause, singing free for spreading awareness about MNREGA and recently done a fund raiser for Shankara Cancer Foundation.


Novelist and short story writer, Shashi Deshpande began her career with short stories and has by now authored nine short story collections, twelve novels and four books for children. Three of her novels have received awards, including the Sahitya Akademi award for `That Long Silence'. Some of her other novels are `The Dark Holds No Terrors', `A Matter of Time', `Small Remedies', `Moving On', `In The Country of Deceit' and `Ships that Pass'. Her latest novel is `Shadow Play'.Many of her short stories and novels have been translated into a number of Indian as well as European languages. She has translated two plays by her father, Adya Rangacharya, (Shriranga), as well as his memoirs, from Kannada into English, and a novel by Gauri Deshpande from Marathi into English.

 Apart from fiction, she has written a number of articles on various subjects - literature, language, Indian writing in English, feminism and women's writing - which have now been put together in a collection `Writing from the Margin.' She has been invited to participate in various literary conferences and festivals, as well as to lecture in Universities, both in India and abroad. She was awarded the Padmi Shri in 2008.

Dr Pushpa Dravid has a Ph.d (Fine Arts) from Bangalore University in 2001 where her Title
of Thesis was on Prof. Nicholas Roerich and his Himalayan Paintings – A Study Sponsored by
Indian Council of Historical Research. She is the First Artist in Karnataka State to be awarded a
Ph.D. in Fine Arts.
Earlier she has been Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Bangalore from 1968-2001.
She also happens to be a Member, Board of studies of several departments of Education under
Bangalore University and Government of Karnataka.
She has presented several Seminars on Art Education, Symposium of womens Issues,
Roerich’s contribution, Kala Mahotsava, ICICS, Acoustics and Research Methodology from
1987 to 1995.
She has taken part in several prestigious Art Camps from 1976 till 1993 all over India.
She has presented several SOLO Exhibitions in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, USA
and London from 1972 till 2007. She has also presented several important group shows from
1965 till 2006 all over India and overseas too on various subjects and hues.
Dr Pushpa Dravid has won several important awards from 1965 onwards till date.
She has been felicitated many number of times in her distinguished services in the field of
fine art from 1993 till date.
Her Murals can be found in so many coprporate offices across Bangalore.
Just to name a few Corporate Office, Khoday Industries, Bangalore Oil on Canvas which is a
whopping 18ft.x 11ft.
National Aeronautics Ltd, Airport Road 30 ft by 6.5 ft in ceramics.
Dr Pushpa Dravid’s work can be found literally all over India ie most of the state owned
Museums and abroad too. Her works are displayed in many prestigious offices like
industries, banks, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals across India. Many of her paintings
adorn many a private collections all over India and abroad.
She loves to travel and has visited almost all the famous art galleries of the world.

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