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Aditi Bhatt is a self taught artist. She has been painting ever since she  could hold a paintbrush, but never took art seriously. It remained a hobby as she believed she should be into something more 'serious'. Her outlook changed when she received a collection of pictures of 670 of the French painter Claude Monet’s works as a gift from her husband a few years ago. Looking at a Monet would cheer her up and she would be in high spirits all day. And this was reason enough to pursue art more seriously. She has not given up her profession, but painting is equally important to her.
 She likes to paint happy pictures and most of them are landscapes. Her work is realistic/ impressionistic/ expressionistic.
She has  not received any formal training, however she has done a few courses in tie and dye, natural dyes and kalamkari.

 Address :301, Mantri flora apartments,
Near Sarjapura circle, Sarjapura road,
Off outer ring road,

Qualifications: MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh. (Surgical Oncology)
Work: Consultant, Surgical Oncology, at Fortis Hospital Bangalore.


Anjana Sihag is a self taught artist from Bangalore. Love for painting and animals has been an integral part of her life since childhood .With no formal education in art, she considers Nature to be her teacher.Her paintings and sketches reflect her admiration for wildlife .Her works are the result of many hours spent observing nature. Spending considerable amount of time on the detailing aspect of her art works, she strives to capture the spirit of her living subjects, which include Mammals,Birds and Flowers.Watercolors,Graphite and Colored pencils are her chosen media.
     She hopes that her deep admiration for the natural world shines through her paintings and sketches.

  More of Anjana`s works can be seen at :

 She can be contacted at : anjusihag888@gmail.com

Phone No. : 9343678052


Smt, T.S. Anasuya Rao completed her Bachelors in Politics and Sociology and did her MA in Kannada from Mysore University. She started painting as a hobby at the age of 55, She does Tanjore, Mysore, oil and water colours. 


Asha Sudhaker Shenoy, from Bangalore , was always interested in sketching and painting right from her childhood days and she had held art exhibitions at her School and College in Chennai. After voluntarily retiring from a Bank where she worked for 30 years, she took to art again. Largely a self taught artist, she has been painting in all earnest since 2008 and has participated in many Art shows and Art Workshops held across India. She paints mainly in oils and does work with watercolors too. She has been featured in the Indian Talent Magazine in their February 2014 issue and also was the “Artist of the Month” in Artsquare.in, a website dedicated to selling fine art prints of art works.

She can be contacted at artistatbangalore@gmail.com and her works can be viewed on her blog http://artistatbangalore.blogspot.in/


Ashritha Hebbar (b. 1989), from Bengaluru, is an artist, teacher and mentor to aspiring artists who want to live the life they always dreamt of. Having inherited the art from The Palette Art School and renowned Chitrakala Parishath, painting and sketching have been her passion and has converted them to be her profession since few years now. She is more into figurative drawing and to learn abstract art, took classes from Kalarasa on contemporary style of painting.
  Her works include series of Baby's in graphite medium. Babies are always refreshing and to capture them in your imagination and draw them is very satisfying and challenging.

  In the year 2012 she gave her first group show at Chitrakala Parishath, Colours. She has been participating in Chitra Santhe from past 2 years.
Mob no: 9620897535

Mail ID: ashrithahebbar@gmail.com 


Name: Ashwini.Rao
Edu: dip in civil engg/ interior designing
Short term course in basic/advance in chithrakala parishath 
Medium used: oil and acrylic
Profession: artist and model


Babita Saxena  is largely a self taught artist whose interest in art goes back to her school days. She has honed her skills under the guidance of eminent artist M.G. Doddamani in Bangalore. She has also attended several art workshops.

Babita has participated in Chitra Santhe twice (2007, 2009) and in group exhibitions at Art Connect. Her works were well appreciated at these shows.

Babita loves the freedom to work in several mediums including oils, acrylics, water colors and charcoal. While she loves to create abstracts, she also likes to recreate scenes from her extensive travels around the world. She works from her home studio.

 Educational Qualification: BA (H) Economics from University of Delhi. MBA from University at Albany, NY.
Address:       646 Ferns Paradise,
Marathahalli Outer Ring Road,
Dodda Nekundi, Bangalore-560037

Phone:          28531844, 9845076731


Bhama Sridharan got her M.E. in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore in 1990, and a Masters from McGill University Canada, in 1992. She has worked for 16 years as a software consultant/engineer for various IT companies. She has a passion for the pure sciences, and in order for children to discover, experience and enjoy science, she has been running a science club for children for the last 12 years. Here children meet to conduct science experiments on their own, so that they learn to love and appreciate science. Currently she is working with Dream School Foundation, an NGO working with government schools, with an aim to spread her passion and energy to the science and math learning of the underprivileged children.

For Bhama, painting is a hobby that she takes very seriously. She has done a number of paintings in oil and acrylic. Currently the medium she finds most challenging is water colours, and has spent the last 2 years trying to master the subtleties and nuances of this fascinating art form. She specializes in sceneries also enjoys doing water colour portraits of family and friends. She has completed an online art course on Art Forms in Coursera. She has been regularly participating in Chitrasanthe for the past 4 years, the annual art festival conducted by Chitrakala Parishad.


Dipti was born and brought up in Mirzapur and Allahabad,U.P. She has masters in English literature from Allahabad university and currently resides in Bangalore.                                                                         
Dipti has been practicing painting right from her early childhood and has been professionally training under Mr.M G Doddamani for last 6 years. This is her first exhibition.


Gaayathri Indramohan, a resident of Bangalore, is a musician and self -taught artist. She goes for guidance to Mr. Raajshekhar  of Shimoga and Mr. K.N Ramachandran, both renowned artists.

She has earlier also showcased her artwork twice under the name 'Vibha' in ChitrakalaParishath, and is a regular presenter of her art at Chitrasanthe for the past 10 years.

She also has to her credit many private shows and her artworks are present in other parts of India and abroad like the USA,Malaysia, New Zealand and Muscat.

Her hobbies are Music, Philately and Numismatics.
Marga Bandhu


Girija Ravindran has always been fascinated by the world of colours.
She has experimented with different forms of art ranging from the
traditional styles like Tanjore, Mysore, Pattachitra, Rajasthani  &
Murals to the contemporary art. She has dabbled with a variety of
media like charcoal, pastels, water colour, acrylic and oil in her

 She is also proficient in one stroke decorative
painting. While this is her first exhibition, she has been selling her

artwork in Bangalore and elsewhere.


Indrani Chowdhury has spent most of her twenty seven-year career as a journalist, starting with The Times of India in Mumbai.Her most abiding hobby has been painting. Trained at ChitrakalaParishat, Bangalore, she is now a full- time artist.

Over the years Indrani has travelled extensively and been a keen follower of Master Artists of the world. Her academic interest in the history and evolution of contemporary art gives her works a unique depth of thought. The Impressionist era is her favourite and its influence on her creativity is evident in her works.
Indrani’s art is created with the specific purpose of collaborating with young art lovers in decorating their homes and offices with an abundance of life and colour. For the more mature art collector who seeks newness, Indrani offers stylish work & a fresh perspective on regular subjects.

Her work is affordably priced (between Rs.10,000/$168 to Rs.20,000/$333)and geared for those seeking to add a new dimension to their décor.
Her subjects include landscapes, monuments, portraits of interesting people in action for example dancers, musicians and of course clowns whose faces tell a story.


      JOTI SHARAD is upcoming Artist ,Fashion Designer ,born and bought up in Belgaum, She is a professional  fashion designer ,but for her fashion and art are  two sides of a coin.                      
    To her art is inherited as her Father  AB Karale and mother SA Karale are creative people who always taught her utilising time in creative way.In childhood she would enjoy sketching designs ,mixing colours and trying new shades. 
         At  school  she was recongnised and certified in many art events.After completing her education she joined corporates in bangalore ..in her hectic  work schedule ,she managed to make time for her art.


  Her hobby and a passion made her to pursue in fine arts and joined karnataka chitra kala parishat  for a hobby course  and since then she's participating in chitra sante from 2007 

  As she enjoys abstract art , she is dedicating her paintings to womanhood.                                                                                            
No 1496,radha arcade,1st   
florr,f-03,basavan galli,  
Mobile: 9243454990  


Born in 1973, in Chennai,Kanthi  graduated in economics from University of kerala. She completed diploma in interior design in the year 1996.

Art has excited her  since her school days and her  interest developed further during her college years. In the last 16 years she has had the opportunity to live in different places in India and abroad, and interact with homegrown artists. Kanthi has had the honor of working with artists like, Mr MD Dattan (Trivandrum), Mr A.V. Elango (Chennai), Mr Nandan (Kochi) and Mr M. G. Doddamani (Bangalore), all greatly talented artists who unleashed the artist in her and who inspired her to develop her artistic skills further. Kanthi  has showcased her works in " Chitra Santhe " in 2006 and 2011. Participating in the creative workshop in Inventure academy, an international school in Bangalore, has enabled her to hone her  talents further.Her works are with private and public collections in India, Dubai and USA. Kanthi's  last show was in Aug 2012, in karnataka chitrakala parishath, titled ‘ flying high ‘.

The title for her prevoius Solo show was“ An Eternal search “, where she attempted  to showcase her recent works. 


Kavitha Prasanna  is largely a self-taught artist.The beautiful  colour and forms of nature always captivated her. she was particularly drawn to the effect sunlight has on nature.she desired to capture this in her art.In 2003 she moved to London where she got oppurtunity to do a Diploma in Drawing and Painting, this really helped her realise her artistsic aspirations.
Kavitha is drawn to the beauty and the wonderful structure of flowers,though simple flowers are associated with different meanings.Symbolism of flowers varies with different cultures. Kavitha loves to work with acrylic and oils.She is especially drawn to drawing in pen and ink which is her favourite media.
Kavitha has participated in group shows and has helped in organising Akanksha.
previous Exhibitions:
Random Expression : 2011
Laya : 2013
Group show at Renaissance Gallerie : 2013
contact details


Kavita Vardhan is a self taught artist and her journey as an artist and of learning the various nuances of art and its expression through different mediums spans many years.

For her, painting is akin to meditation. Kavita’s forte is figurative art.
She loves painting portraits, still life, nature and abstracts, using acrylic, mixed media and charcoal but Oil on canvas remains her favourite. She’s inspired particularly by the serenity in Buddha’s persona which spills into her paintings too. 
Kavita’s renditions in Oils epitomizes the earthy, sensual beauty of the Rabbari woman which is magical and innocent. 

  1.      ‘The myriad moods of Buddha’ in 2010 (Bangalore)
  2. A group show with Bengol artist at Tranquilitea, Whitefield in 2011
  3.   A group show ‘ A journey within’ at Chitrakala Parishath in 2012
  4. Exhibition titled ‘The FORM… and the formless’ along with another artist in 2013 at Chitrakala Parishath

Collections:  In India & Abroad


Teaching art to Children and adults
Kavita Vardhan
Mob: 97409 20532
B – 804, Prestige St. John's Wood Apts, Thavarakere mn Rd, Bhd Forum Mall,

Koramangala – 560029



  lakshmi Singh Thakur has been an independent write from past 25 years. Her short stories and poems have been punlished in various magazines.She has published three poetry collections. Lakshmi singh is  member of Shabd Sahitya Parivar Sanstha. Painting is one of her major interests, she has done a short term course at ChitraKala Parishad and currenty is learninf art from senior artist M.G.Doddamani.This is her frist exhibition


Mrs Lulla Castialiano is 82 years old and was brought up in Mangalore. As her husband was a Judge , she had the opportunity to move all over Karnataka.
 She took up painting since 3 years under the tutelage of M G Doddamani an eminent artist and has done works in different media  such as Charcoal, Watercolors, Oil and Acrylics. She has done several paintings on landscapes, portraits, biblical and still life. Her favourite is Landscapes. She is presenting her works for the first time and is a major source of inspiration to youngsters.


Manorama Rathnakar is a retired teacher, still trying to keep in touch with children and to teach them to appreciatethe beautiful things in life. Having grown up on an estate in the Nilgiri-Wynad,she  feels close to nature and  all creation, and is truly grateful to God for everything He has given her.


Mini Arora is a self-taught mixed media artist. Her roots lie in India but she was brought up and educated in England, and lived many years in the US before returning to her homeland. With this cross cultural migration, she has dealt with a lot of “in-betweeness”. Her work reflects this diaspora.

The idea of not belonging,  and the issue of identity recur in her paintings, but it goes further than that of culture, and deeper into the notions of man and his identity in this life, which usually begins with a search for spirituality. She finds her creativity comes  from her inner consciousness before it comes into her outer mind. First there is a play of strokes, then there is a thought process involved to bring the painting into the right balance of light, tone and composition. Frequently she works on abstracts with a palette knife and other tools to apply rich layers of texture. What results is the ultimate explosion of colour and rich texture.

Mini Arora has participated in shows in India and England and her works are a part of many collections worldwide. More of her work can be viewed on www.miniarora.com  

and at www.facebook.com/Miniarorastudio


Neha Agrawal is a self-taught doodle/zentangle artist. Neha’s work capture concrete representations or abstract symbols in varying zentangle forms. Doodling to her means pouring all focus into the tip of pen where it meets paper, escaping time and space. Neha’s art is spontaneous, and most of the times she paints without a clear view, letting the spontaneity of the pen stroke to give a direction. For her, doodling is a means to escape time and space and enter the magical zone where thoughts vanish and only energy remains.
An IT professional turned artist, Neha uses pen and paper as medium of her art. She plays around with variety of subjects, incorporating zentangales with them.
Neha currently lives in Bangalore as a freelance artist.
Education-Bachelor of Engineering

June 2013 at Renaissance Gallerie, Bangalore – Group Show
July 2013 at ION Club, Brigade road – Group Show
Cartoons for Bengaluru Parishe http://www.bengaluruparishe.com/
Cartoons for WeMove Theatre’s Play promotion https://www.facebook.com/wemovetheatre


Premila shetty is a multifaceted personality. She is a passionate cook, amatuer photographer,marathon runner,a cyclist,beautician and an amateur artist.Her cooking adventures can be followed on her blog-premilashetty.wordpress.com. Premila also works with an NGO, she teaches english to underprivileged children. She also conducts beautician workshops for the underprivileged. 
Premila is an adventure loving girl, she has recently  been on a cycling expedition from Kutch to Kerala with 18 other  women.
Premila loves to sketch and also paint with watercolours and pastels. she is now learning to paint with oils and is something she loves to do. This her first art exhibition with many more to come in the future


 Priyamvada is a self-taught artist, interested in creating realistic paintings. Taken inspiration from her artist father, she has been drawing and painting since childhood. For her, painting is meditation, where the mind can be focused just on the canvas for many hours and become totally unaware of the surroundings. Painting is a great stress-buster.

Having done a diploma in Cinematography Technology and Graphic Designing, she worked as a multimedia/graphic artist . Presently, she is a home-maker pursuing her passion – Painting.

priyamkk@hotmail.com/ 9986312883


Raji Chacko is an artist based in Bangalore, India.
Her  paintings are her language and her true passion......she  loves  to play with emotions on the canvas and is mostly mingled with myths, stories and her life experiences...the lines, colors and the forms comes spontaneously...it’s like detaching herself from the present and going deeper and deeper into her own world..... her swings between reality and fantasy......

....and its greatly influenced by the mysticism and beauty of the temple sculptures of india.........

1. Group-Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad, 1999.
2. Kala mela, XI, Delhi .
3. Bajaj art gallery, Mumbai, 2000.
4. Nayan’s art gallery, Haryana, 2002.
5. Abstract Gallery, Bangalore , 2004.
6. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, May 2007.
7.  Portland Art gallery, Cochin, May 2008
8. Myriad-a Premier exhibition, Alliance Franchaise, Bangalore , Nov 13th 2009.
9. “Artwave”-Exhibition in Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore, March 2012.
10. Antheen Art group show, Jaipur with 20+ artists at Jawahar Kala Kendra in December 2012.
11. Art show at the Artisans, Pyarelal Bhavan, ITO in September 2012.
12. Group Art show, Convention Foyer, India Habitat Center, New Delhi(24-27 October, 2013).

Selected for exhibition:
1. All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, Dehi, 2004.
2. Sahitya Kala Parishath, Delhi-Annual Art exhibition.
3. Paintings displayed at New York Times Square as part of competition held by “Artists Wanted”.

Collections by outstanding personalities include:
1. Maharaja of Mysore .
2. High Commissioner of Sri Lanka .
Her paintings were also featured on the popular TV show “Kumkumam”, which airs on Kairali television.
My artpage link: http://raji-chacko.artistwebsites.com/
Contact me at:
Permanent address:
No.11, NTI Layout,
4th main road, Boopa Sandra,
RMV Extension,2nd stage,
Phone: 080-23510655
Mobile: 8971945454, 9449010656


Rajini Rekha is a post graduate from NIFT.She is in to oils and Acrylics for the past few years and has sucessfully created an exquisite collection of paintings on woman

Taking her works to people Mrs.Rajini Rekha created "Reves and Reflections" an enterprise to showcase her collection.The initiation is through her first ever exhibition of paintings especially and exceptionally done to celebrate the spirit of being a women and the subtleness and sensuousness of womanhood.Her collection is fondly cherished "Feminne Fairies" and explore the world of womenhood and their world with in.



Rashmi is a budding artist who is on the path of mastering the art of hyper realism. She is primarily a self-taught artist, working with graphite pencils as a hobby for the last 15 years creating portraits of famous Personalities. She had a plush IT job for 10 years before she quit it in order to pursue her dreams of being a professional artist. She has since been trained extensively under Jay Varma, a highly regarded artist who specializes in hyper realistic rendering with graphite, charcoal and color pencils.

She has always been fascinated by vitality and the wonder of a human face. It comes with a variety of expressions captured by a mix of complex textures of skin, hair, fabric, facial contours, light, apart from the enigma and invigoration of a human eye. The feeling of sketching a human face with such hyper realism is comparable to the bliss of giving life.

Mobile: 9845694472