Sunday, 9 February 2014


Kavitha Prasanna  is largely a self-taught artist.The beautiful  colour and forms of nature always captivated her. she was particularly drawn to the effect sunlight has on nature.she desired to capture this in her art.In 2003 she moved to London where she got oppurtunity to do a Diploma in Drawing and Painting, this really helped her realise her artistsic aspirations.
Kavitha is drawn to the beauty and the wonderful structure of flowers,though simple flowers are associated with different meanings.Symbolism of flowers varies with different cultures. Kavitha loves to work with acrylic and oils.She is especially drawn to drawing in pen and ink which is her favourite media.
Kavitha has participated in group shows and has helped in organising Akanksha.
previous Exhibitions:
Random Expression : 2011
Laya : 2013
Group show at Renaissance Gallerie : 2013
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