Sunday, 9 February 2014


Mini Arora is a self-taught mixed media artist. Her roots lie in India but she was brought up and educated in England, and lived many years in the US before returning to her homeland. With this cross cultural migration, she has dealt with a lot of “in-betweeness”. Her work reflects this diaspora.

The idea of not belonging,  and the issue of identity recur in her paintings, but it goes further than that of culture, and deeper into the notions of man and his identity in this life, which usually begins with a search for spirituality. She finds her creativity comes  from her inner consciousness before it comes into her outer mind. First there is a play of strokes, then there is a thought process involved to bring the painting into the right balance of light, tone and composition. Frequently she works on abstracts with a palette knife and other tools to apply rich layers of texture. What results is the ultimate explosion of colour and rich texture.

Mini Arora has participated in shows in India and England and her works are a part of many collections worldwide. More of her work can be viewed on www.miniarora.com  

and at www.facebook.com/Miniarorastudio

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