Sunday, 9 February 2014


Neha Agrawal is a self-taught doodle/zentangle artist. Neha’s work capture concrete representations or abstract symbols in varying zentangle forms. Doodling to her means pouring all focus into the tip of pen where it meets paper, escaping time and space. Neha’s art is spontaneous, and most of the times she paints without a clear view, letting the spontaneity of the pen stroke to give a direction. For her, doodling is a means to escape time and space and enter the magical zone where thoughts vanish and only energy remains.
An IT professional turned artist, Neha uses pen and paper as medium of her art. She plays around with variety of subjects, incorporating zentangales with them.
Neha currently lives in Bangalore as a freelance artist.
Education-Bachelor of Engineering

June 2013 at Renaissance Gallerie, Bangalore – Group Show
July 2013 at ION Club, Brigade road – Group Show
Cartoons for Bengaluru Parishe http://www.bengaluruparishe.com/
Cartoons for WeMove Theatre’s Play promotion https://www.facebook.com/wemovetheatre

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